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In order to participate in a conference match with a school’s Rugby club, students must be registered or ‘CIPP’d’ with USA Rugby. USA Rugby is the governing body of all of the rugby that takes place in the United States and they provide the resources necessary to have conferences like the DSRC.  When a player registers, they are assigned a CIPP Number, which identifies you as a member of USA Rugby, and makes you eligible for competition.

While most of us are excited for the new competitive season to kick-off, this time of year can also be a headache for many members trying to meet compliance requirements.

We prefer pain and frustration to remain on the field, so DSRC has put together this short guide to help explain what is required for each club and player to be in compliance with USA Rugby (USAR) regulations.

Please share this with your club leadership if you feel they can benefit from this information and don’t forget to take care of your own individual player registration as well!

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Club Compliance

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