Club Compliance

USAR Club Compliance

For your club to maintain compliance with USA Rugby it must accomplish THREE things:

  1. Have an officer of your club register the club with USA Rugby. Part or this process will involve paying your club dues. This will be valid until August 31st of next year. 
  2. Have your coach register and maintain their status as an active coach. Your coach must also be a Level 200 certified coach.
  3. Have all your players join USA Rugby. 15 players minimum are required per team.

Do not ignore this requirement; If you or your club do not do these important tasks, you risk:

  1. Your liability insurance through USAR not being valid.
  2. The Deep South Rugby Referee Society not assigning refs to your matches.
  3. Any match your club does play counting as a forfeit.

If you have more questions, check out the “Resources” section below. If you don’t find the answers there, reach out to your DSRC Commissioner or another board member, we are here to help you understand and navigate USA Rugby requirements.
Good luck with your season!!