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Deep South to petition USA Rugby for D2 status

  Coaches and administrators from all over the DSRC are petitioning USA Rugby this week for approved status to compete in the D2 national championship. Since the college restructure began the decision makers at USA Rugby deemed the Deep South should be considered D1 or D1-AA, but that’s all about to change. Pending approval from the College Management Council the DSRC will be reinstated and the DSRC Commissioner’s office will immediately release a 2013 fall matrix schedule. Giving way to a second championship season in 2013.

  D2 conference commissioners from across the nation recently voted to change their matrix seasons to a ‘fall sememster only’ season. The new competition will see most teams begining their season on September 14, winners reaching the sweet 16 by November 23rd & 24th, and the final weekend, nestled somewhere in the warmer South (probably at Furman U), on December 7th and 8th, 2013. Check back here for more information as the petition unfolds and hopefully a conference schedule will be posted quickly after the CMC’s decision.